Hi, I am Santhosh Vijay.

I am a Professional Speaker, Productivity Coach, and Technology Evangelist. I help startups, multi-national companies and students in training, coaching and mentoring on technology, productivity, and personal development. I'm also the guy behind SanthoshVijay.com (naturally).

I have Consulted and coached more than 1000 professionals from various multi-national companies including Logitech, CGI, EClerx, and more. I speak at conferences around the world on technology, personal and workplace productivity, and personal development.

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Looking Back...

During my undergraduate years, I served Sun Microsystems and Mozilla Foundation as Student Campus Ambassador. During my tenure as Campus Lead, I Conducted 20+ training sessions and organized a National conference "OSUM Tech Days 2009" on Open Source. My Web Design won the IEEE International Award and I also received "Best OSUM Leader 2010" from Sun Microsystems Inc. for successfully leading the campus club initiative and training students on technology.

Learn... Share... Grow...

During my College days, I also founded a tech startup, Samgha Technologies (2009-2012) - a dev shop which helped half a dozen of companies in India upgrade their software infrastructure using open source. Thanks to my dad who rented me an office space to run my startup. I was able to train my own college juniors on various technologies while developing software products for my clients. I learned the best entrepreneurial lessons during these founding years of Samgha, which no B-Schools could have ever taught me.

The greatest wealth that we possess is our time and freedom.

Back to Present Days...

My Community and Entrepreneurship experience during my undergrad years taught me ONE single lesson, "We grow by SHARING." Ever since then, "Sharing" has been my driving force and motivation behind everything I do. My Passion to Speak and Coach is deeply rooted in my Life's purpose to Share.

My Commitment to YOU

It's my commitment to You, with all my experience that, I'll deliver a unique, inspiring speech/training program completely custom-tailored to your Organization. Wishing you all most and more!

A Little more about me

I always see myself as a work in progress and take every opportunity to learn and contribute. I love networking with people to gather Inspiration.

• Amateur Guitarist, Love to listen Indian Classical and Carnatic Fusion music
• Passionate Teacher – Using Podcast, Youtube, Udemy
• Graduated with Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering
• Name Fact: Santhosh comes from the Hindi word which means, “Happiness.”
• Here are my 2018 Bucket list Items.